Our Fertility Journey

This blog is a series of entries about our experience with fertility treatment as we work towards conceiving our first child. I wanted to write about our experience to help other couples in a similar situation find more information on what they may have ahead of them if they are having difficulty trying to conceive. When I first got the news that I would need to see a fertility specialist based on a diagnosis of Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, I could not find anything on the internet of someone with a similar diagnosis/reason for diagnosis as me. I decided that day that I would publish my experiences in hopes that someone else was able to find what they were searching for.

My entries were written at different points in this process. The first several were written in bulk a couple of months after they occurred. The entries are still coming…as we are still working towards our happy ending 🙂

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#33 The Eve

Tomorrow we find out what flip of the coin we will get. Was every shot, every passing day, every tear worth it. I have spent 12 days looking into every change in my body hoping to take it as a sign that the embryo(s) were still there are growing. I found excitement in my sudden … Continue reading #33 The Eve

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