#1 Where is all began…

This journey we are on all started back in January of 2016, when I stopped taking my birth control after 8 years. At this point we were not quite ready to start our family, but were definitely getting there. We had a ‘trip of a lifetime’ planned for August to spend 2 weeks in Europe. Being planners, we had all intentions of getting pregnant on or shortly after our trip.

A few months had past after stopping the pill and I started to feel a bit concerned that I had not gotten another period since the first one that came right after stopping. I had some experience with this, as I had stopped taking the pill about 5 years prior for a 5-6 month span. The reason I went back on it was actually to get a period again and not continue to wonder everyday if Aunt Flow  would be coming for a visit. As a 20ish year old, I had little concern about the situation and just continued on normal life with the pill.

In April, I had my annual physical scheduled with my regular provider. I mentioned to her my concern that I had not gotten a period in several months. She did not seem overly concerned by this but she did order a lab to test my Thyroid to determine if there was anything abnormal there as well as a test to check my Prolactin level. Both of my lab results showed normal, so my Thyroid was good and my pituitary gland was creating the correct amount of Prolactin. She also prescribed that I take Provera for 10 days and wait 7 days after to see if this triggered a bleed. After taking Provera and letting the allotted time pass, I did not have any signs of a period.


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