#5 September – First Appointment at Reproductive Medicine

We met with Dr. Bosler on September 1st and went over all of my previous lab results and discussed the pattern or lack of pattern in my menstrual cycle. I got to feel like an awkward middle schooler as she asked my husband about his ejaculation habits, our sex life, and I had to describe my flow. Dr. Bosler ordered some blood work to be done that day to check on my egg count to make sure I had not started early menopause at the age of 27 or have a low count overall. That same day I also scheduled an HSG scan to check that there were not any abnormalities within my uterus preventing ovulation.

Between my fertility appointment and HSG scan we celebrated a Labor Day wedding. This wedding weekend brought friends into town along with several comments of everyone’s expectations that we would be announcing a pregnancy and not celebrating with drinks and dancing. Some of our closer friends confided in us about their recent struggles to get pregnant as well. It felt good to hear that we were not the only ones having troubles. It was however a bit scary to hear of the struggles from a couple who was not starting fertility treatment. How are we supposed to beat the odds and get pregnant if a couple without extra barriers is struggling?


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