#6 The HSG…

After our weekend of fun, it was time to jump back into fertility treatment. I received the results of my lab that tested for the condition of my egg count (Anti Mullerian Hormone) and was very relieved to hear that I had a normal count for a woman of my age and was not going into early menopause.

I had my HSG scan a few days later. This procedure was one of the more uncomfortable things I had ever experienced. It is not a painful procedure, but just a very uncomfortable process to have a catheter going in the uterus and expanding into a balloon. From the response I received from my doctor and the x-ray tech, I think I may have reacted a bit more frightened than most patients. I had the bad luck of having the first try at getting the catheter in place go a bit crooked, so we had to rewind and repeat. I was incredibly relieved when the scan was complete and there were no more foreign objects inside of me. We went over the results of the scan right there in the room and again there was nothing found. There were not any blockages or build-ups within my uterus to cause my period to stop. There was also nothing present to cause any concern about moving forward with fertility treatment since my uterus looked to be in good condition to carry a baby.

There were a few additional labs that Dr. Bosler ordered for me. I requested for them to be done that same day to try and limit the amount of disruptions to my work schedule since I had already been making room in my schedule for quite a few appointments. The labs included a few panels of tests that I honestly cannot recall any longer what we were looking into. I do know that we checked my Vitamin D level to see if it was very low as that could be a potential contributor to a lack of ovulation. Outside of that conversation, nothing else stuck out to me as being particularly important in finding answers. From what I can still reference on my online account, there were other antibody and diseases being checked (i.e. Rubella, Hep C, etc.), but no abnormal results.


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