#7 Making “The Plan”

After this test, it was time to reconvene with another consultation appointment to talk through what sort of treatment options we had. Scheduling this appointment left us with another two week wait. It is interesting to me how quick it is to get in for a scan or procedure and how much more of a wait there is to just sit down with a doctor who is not poking something into you. In the days that followed my HSG scan, I had what seemed to me like my first period in 9 months. As a result of the obtrusion, my uterus had decided it was time to shed its lining again and welcome me back to the world of menstrual cramps :).

I was feeling back to normal again when it came time for my follow-up appointment. I had a last minute change of doctors, as Dr. Bosler was undergoing emergency back surgery and was not able to see patients. I had a mild concern about my stand-in doctor being a male, as I had only seen female doctors up until this point. I was worried that I would not be as comfortable answering questions, but Dr. Strawn was a very comfortable provider to work with. I had to go to this appointment solo, due to my husband’s work schedule not allowing him to leave early. I came well prepared with a notebook ready to draw out our map of events.

In this appointment we discussed the fact that my lack of ovulation was just at a point of being “unexplained stop in ovulation” and not something that we could look for further answers on. I am not even sure that we can fully chalk up the blame to being on the pill for so long since I saw similar results when I took a break after my first year and a half of taking it. Either way, my body did not bounce back from the artificial hormones.
Now that we have the cause “out of the way” it was time to come up with a plan. When we met with Dr. Bosler a few weeks back, we had discussed a high level overview of potential options that we could take. All of which depended on the results of my scans and labs. I was so ready to fill in those dotted lines with arrows and next steps! For my particular case, taking the route of ovulation medications made the most sense. Everything was showing up healthy, my body just needed a little bit of help to drop eggs and go through a full menstrual cycle.


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