#8 Plan – Version 1

9/20 through 9/24 –> Take Provera

* Ovulation medications are typically started on Cycle Day 3. Since I still had not had a menstrual cycle, I needed to take Provera again in an effort to trigger a bleed. I had taken this same medication in April without any results, so I was not too hopeful.

9/24 through 10/1 –> Wait for period. If I get my period, then call clinic to get prescription for Clomid to start on CD 3. If I do not get my period by 10/2 call the clinic to schedule and ultrasound.

* The purpose of this ultrasound would be to check that the lining of my uterus was thick enough to allow for me to start a Clomid cycle. I had to go in for this ultrasound, as I did not get a period on my own, as I had pessimistically predicted.

10/3 or 10/4 –> Go in for ultrasound if needed.

* If the results of this ultrasound showed that my lining was not thick enough, I would have had to do another medication cycle to trigger a bleed. If the ultrasound showed that my lining was thick enough, then I could start taking Clomid.
My ultrasound results showed up fine and I did not need to do an additional medication cycle to trigger a period. I had a different doctor for this ultrasound, Dr. Schoyer, as the clinic does a rotating schedule based on availability. She had initial concern with starting Clomid since I had not had a period since January. I mentioned that I had what felt like a full period after my HSG and was relieved to know that that “shedding” was a good thing and made her much less concerned about starting the med cycle with my somewhat-fresh lining.


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