#9 Clomid – Cycle 1

I took Clomid (50mg) for Cycle Day 3-7 (10/3-10/7).  On CD 10, I was instructed to start ovulation testing with a Clear Blue Digital test kit and have intercourse every other day. I had a mid-cycle ultrasound scheduled for CD 12 (10/12) to check on how my follicles (egg that develops and drops during ovulation) were developing. If the follicles looked like they had grown to the appropriate size, it was planned that I would have an hCG trigger shot that would cause the follicles to be released and for that day to be peak ovulation.

When I went in for my ultrasound it appeared as if the follicles had already released eggs. This was odd since the ovulation testing that I had done did not show an LH surge, which indicates that ovulation occurred. I told Dr. Schoyer that I had experienced incredibly bad cramping on CD 10 and her suspicion was that I had ovulated that day and that was the cause of my cramping. I could sense the blank stare that I was giving while we were talking, but just could not come up with the words to explain my surprise at the situation. I felt such disappointment thinking that we missed our window. We did have sex on CD 10, so we did not completely miss it, but I couldn’t help but feel like the plan was derailed. Dr. Schoyer ordered a Progesterone blood test for me to have done a few days later. If I had high progesterone levels, we would be able to confirm that I did ovulate and my body was following a more normal cycle.
When I went in for this blood draw, the results showed that I did ovulate, so this put us in the waiting phase. I still had about a week and a half before a pregnancy test would give an accurate reading, so I “patiently” waited….until I did not have to wait since I got a surprise early period on CD 19. This was disappointing. However, I did find it reassuring that I could start my next Clomid Cycle in 2 days since I was back around at CD 3. Even though I was pretty bummed by these results, I tried to take an optimistic approach on the fact that I was a bit more mentally prepared this time around and knew what to expect the cycle to look like.


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