#10 Clomid – Cycle 2

For the second Clomid cycle we did not do a mid-cycle ultrasound since the purpose of this was just to check that my follicles were responding to the medication. It was assumed that if they responded the first time, they would continue to do this. Spoiler alert…they didn’t do this 😦

I took Clomid from 10/21 through 10/25 for this round. I had a lot of excitement and optimism going into this cycle. We had a long weekend trip to Boston planned for 10/28-10/31. Based on my first Clomid cycle, I had expected to ovulate and be the most fertile while we were on our trip. What better way to work on making a baby than a stress free getaway weekend with your husband?!

Being out of state did cause a slight problem with following our fertility plan. I was supposed to start ovulation testing on our first day in Boston. I had packed enough test sticks for the trip, but had forgotten the portion of the test that actually reads the results of the test. I remembered the directions, but not the rest of the test. My desire to follow “the plan” correctly allowed this mistake to cause a bit of a meltdown. I did not want my error to leave any room for failure in what felt like such an intricate process. Being very budget conscious, I also couldn’t get myself to pay the local price of $45 for a 5 day test kit when they are $35 for a 20 day kit at home. So we left it to chance for the weekend and I took a test the day that we returned (CD 13). This test had a low LH level, as did the tests that I took the next two days.

I did not have to do anymore ovulation tests after those few since I got a period on the afternoon of CD 14, which turned itself into CD 1. I did have hope that the bleeding that had started could have been bleeding as a result of a pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test that evening and against all hope, it came back negative. This was another low moment for me in the process. Nothing felt like it was going right and my body was just going off on a route all its own.
The following day, I called the Reproductive Medicine Center to see what we should do next. They were not in favor of doing another cycle of Clomid since it was likely that we would just repeat the same results. I had 2 lab orders put in to check my Estrogen and Progesterone levels to see where my hormones said I was in my cycle.


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