#12 The Plan Reset

When I went in for my ultrasound all that could really be determined was that I did not ovulate and my follicles were at the size that would be expected early in a menstrual cycle. We talked about going with a different medication for my next round to see if my body responded better. This medication was called Letrozole and was originally created as a medication to treat breast cancer, but was also found to increase fertility. The drug was never FDA tested as a fertility medication, which is why it is not usually a first option for treatment, but does not have any known side effects and is widely prescribed.

The caveat with starting my next treatment cycle was that I needed to have  another period and a known CD 3 to start the medication on. With my first Clomid Cycle, we had to kind of guess when my CD 3 was based on my lack of reaction to Provera. I had a very quick ovulation and we wanted to avoid this occurring again. Since I could not trust that my body would have a period on its own if we just waited it out, I was prescribed to take Estradiol tablets for 30 days in conjunction with Progesterone tablets for the last 10 days. This combination of hormones would mimic a menstrual cycle and the absence of taking them would trigger a period to occur.

This 30 day waiting period was really going to help keep in the $1,500/month cost limit we had set. But it was going to feel like a million years to just be waiting. Fortunately, Thanksgiving was in the middle of this waiting stretch, so the time did actually pass relatively quickly. I called the clinic when I had just a few days left of taking the hormone pills to find out how many days I should expect to wait before I got my period. I was super disappointed to hear that it would be 7-14 days after my last pill before I would likely see a period.
It was time to have a little luck and my period actually came just 3 days after I stopped the Estradiol/Progesterone tablets! I was so excited to call the clinic to report this and begin taking Letrozole.


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