#13 Letrozole – Cycle 1

I had a 2.5 MG prescription that I started taking on 12/9 through 12/13. I had a mid-cycle ultrasound scheduled for 12/19 to check and make sure my follicles had responded to the medication and were developing as expected. The plan was to do an hCG trigger shot at this appointment to cause ovulation to occur that day and have more control over my cycle.

When I went in for my ultrasound, I again had disappointing news. My follicles had a measurement of about 12mm and should be around 20mm for ovulation. Apparently follicles usually grow about 1mm a day, so Dr. Schoyer wanted me to come in for an additional ultrasound a week later to see if we were at the right follicle size to do the trigger shot. I was again very disappointed in this plan, given that this was another $500 for a 10-15 minute appointment.

I was instructed to continue to have intercourse every other day and do ovulation testing every day. If I were to get a high or peak LH level, I would be able to cancel my ultrasound since that would indicate that my body had ovulated on its own and a trigger shot would not be needed. As of today, which is 12/24 and 2 days before my follow-up ultrasound, I have yet to get anything but that hollow blank circle on my ovulation test kit. I can only hope that my Christmas present this year is a smiley face on my test tomorrow, which is the equivalent of $500 and a chance at being able to have a shot at making a baby.



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