#14 Mid Cycle Ultrasound – Round 2

Well, I didn’t get a smiley test result for Christmas, I instead received several baby gifts from my in-laws. We have not been open with my husband’s family about our fertility treatment, so they are not aware of just how much we are trying to have cousins for our niece and nephew. It is pretty impressive how many times someone can inquire if I am pregnant as I am sipping on a glass of wine. We are on the fence about taking the route of telling them all and stopping the inquisition, but we don’t have the same relationship with them as we do with our friends who are all aware of what we have been going through. So we will keep awkwardly dodging the questions and stock away our baby gifts.

Anyway, back to the treatment plan….I had my second ultrasound of the cycle today. My follicle that was 12mm was 26mm today!! I was so relieved to know that my body was responding to the Letrozole. I am not sure how I would have handled a result of no growth, so coming in for another ultrasound was fine by me if it got us moving in the right direction. Since I had good growth, I was able to do the hCG trigger shot, which was just a shot to my abdomen with the pregnancy hormone hCG that triggers ovulation to occur the following day. I asked my doctor if there was any chance that I would not ovulate after getting this shot and the chances of that sounded to be slim to none, which was again another sigh of relief.
We will be having our prescribed “timed intercourse” tomorrow afternoon and the following day in hopes of the stars aligning!!


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