#15 No Success Again

After having my ultrasound and getting excited for making legitimate attempts at conceiving, we were both hit with a terrible colds. It was only a matter of time before the germs from family gatherings and poor holiday diets caught up with us. Nothing like a little love making when you are congested and coughing….

Given how under the weather we both were, we did not have the highest hopes that this cycle would bring a positive result and I rang in the New Year with a glass of water, just in case. I was counting down the days until 1/9/16 when I could take a pregnancy test. Every day that I did not get my period, I felt more and more confident that this time was going to work! I felt relief every night that I went to bed and did not yet have my period since I was just another day closer to finally being able to celebrate. I did say that I was not being too optimistic right….well, I am an “all-in” type of personality and this whole thing either ‘all-sucks’ or is ‘going to be great’. My emotions probably cause me the most stress in this entire process. I had already made the mental jump to planning if we would tell our friends the results right away or not. Why do I do this to myself…?

Friday (1/6) brought a huge disappointment. I woke up with my period first thing in the morning. What a terrible way to find out such disappointing news. I am emotionally upset and on top of it all, I get to enjoy a few days of uncomfortable cramping.

I am fortunate to have a very comforting husband who hugged me while I cried and sent our puppy to lick away my tears and make sure I was okay. Smores (our year and a half old beagle) has not made an appearance in all of this yet, but she is the center of our world and has provided so much calming comfort to us on our really sad days.

I called my fertility clinic later that morning to report my Cycle Day 1 and have my prescription for Letrozole filled to start my next cycle. I asked a few questions about whether it was a concern that I seemed to have a short luteal phase (ovulation to period). They did note that is was shorter than average, with this cycle being the longest luteal phase I had experienced yet (11 days, rather than average of 14). There is not much that can be done to change that, other than taking some progesterone supplements mid-cycle, which is not highly recommended by providers. The nurse noted that in my chart as something I could discuss further with Dr. Bosler when I came in for my mid-cycle ultrasound on 1/19. This time around, we scheduled my ultrasound for CD 14, rather than CD 12. Since my follicles did not grow very much early on last time, this would hopefully eliminate the need to come in for a second ultrasound to check progress again.



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