#16 Exploring our Options

I did some research after my phone call on IUI’s (Intrauterine Insemination). It was something mentioned in past appointments as a question on whether we were doing timed intercourse or insemination each time that I had my ultrasounds. I had thought that the insemination was the $3,000 procedure that I had seen in the price packet I was given at my initial consultation, but decided to check again when I got home. I was surprised to see that the IUI was actually “only” $800. We read more on some of the package prices that the clinic had to offer and if we did the “Ultrasound + IUI” package, it would cost $1,300. This would be the $800 for the IUI and the $500 for the ultrasound, which was the rate I had already paid each time I came in for an ultrasound). The one thing that caught our eye was that this package did not increase in price if additional ultrasounds were needed for a cycle. We were pretty excited about this!! The double ultrasound cost for the previous cycle had been a bit frustrating and the idea of knowing that we are getting it for “free”…or getting and IUI for $300 if we did the package intrigued us.

I don’t think either of us love the idea of going with such a scientific route to conceive, but we are both just ready for something to work and to also have a more solid expectation of what our costs will be up front. We are fortunate enough that we do both have well-paying jobs and a comfortable savings account, but we also both love to save money and have had enough fights over how much is too much. We have set a loose plan of budgeting to go forward with 5 cycles with the IUI and then re-looking at our options. We say “re-look” at our options, but I don’t know if either of us really know what we mean by that. Do we quit trying to have our own child and look at adoption? Do we stop the fertility treatment and hope my body just figures out how to ovulate and let the universe do its thing? Who knows….we also change our plan on a pretty regular basis since I spend a vast majority of my time thinking about fertility treatment.

I sent a message to my doctor asking if she would recommend doing and IUI for the next cycle and she agreed it would increase our chances. I plan to call and see what the process looks like for getting my husband’s sperm ready for insemination. He is so unexcited about this part…but I have enough things poked into me over the past many months that he can’t complain too much 🙂

I will start my Letrozole tablets tomorrow and see how things go…


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