#17 Letrozole with IUI – Cycle 2

We did make the decision to go ahead with an IUI after talking about it a bit more and also having a very emotionally tolling weekend as I started my Letrozole. I thought I had gotten my cries out on CD 1 and 2, but found myself significantly more upset in the few days that followed. This process sure has its ups and downs, and I have been on an “up” about everything for the past week and a half, so that has been great.

We came to a new decision that we would do 5 cycle of the IUI and after that, we would start pursuing adoption. If we don’t conceive this way, it is God’s way of telling us this is not the way or the time for us to expand our family. Talking this through and feeling like we are ready for the next steps really refreshed up both.

I had my mid-cycle ultrasound last Thursday (1/19) and my follicles were found to be on the small side again. They measured between 10-12mm, with one on each side. It was so different to hear the news at this appointment that I would need to come back for an additional ultrasound since I had paid the $1,300 up front and it was a fixed rate whether I had one or ten ultrasounds. I was only mildly disappointed, as waiting until the following week meant that my husband would not be able to be present with me when I had the IUI done in the middle of the work day. I was on the fence about whether that would feel weird or not, so it did not seem like a big deal.

I now have my follow-up mid-cycle ultrasound tomorrow (1/24) and am excited to hopefully see well growing follicles that are ready for an HCG shot. I have been doing my daily ovulation predictor kits for the past 8 days to confirm my body is not doing anything crazy like ovulating on its own ;). Now that we have the plan to do the IUI, I am hoping to not get an LH surge and be able to just have things follow a day by day process with our increased odds.


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