#18 Honey I Shrunk the Follicles

Today’s ultrasound has some incredibly unexpected results. Apparently, the two follicles that I had on each side decreased in size down to 6-8mm, along with my thined uterine lining. I was in shock as the doctor took measurements during my ultrasound. I think I said a couple “yes’s” and “okay’s” once he told me this round would not be successful and we would have to increase my Letrozole dose and try again next time. I had no idea that going backwards once my follicles hit the 10mm mark was even possible. I had come into the appointment fully expecting to see well grown follicles and to get my trigger shot and try out our first IUI the following day.

According to my doctor, this is something that can happen and just depends on how each person responds to the medication and the dosage used. I had been on 2.5mg of Letrozole and would be taking 7.5mg for my next go-around. We were going to skip 5mg since I had such a significant decrease in size. As I sat in the exam room listening to the next steps of “the plan”, I just kept reading anything on the walls or glove boxes to distract me from my disappointment and strong desire to cry. As soon as the doctor left the room, I burst into tears. There was a solid 20 minutes of angry and disappointed crying as I filled my husband in on everything over the phone.
This was a crappy day, to say the least. We started the day off so excited for the next steps ahead and had all of that hope and optimism taken away in the manner of minutes. I am now back to the game of hoping every day that my period comes so we can start the next treatment cycle or wait until CD 40 to then take Provera again. This is nothing short of a roller coaster ride that swings us in every which way.


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