#19 Provera, Here we go Again

I made it to the Valentine’s Day cutoff of CD 40 without any signs of a period. I made the call to doctor’s office first thing in the morning to get my prescription put in to pickup and start taking asap. Now that I have been playing this game long enough, I thought I had the dosage and time frames of things figured out. I was disappointed to learn that I would be taking Provera for 10 days and then waiting 2 weeks after to see if I get a period. This was the same plan that I had been on back in April of last year that had no impact. I had also taken Provera before my first Clomid cycle and we used a mock CD 1 to start treatment since I never got a result. Since I again am not being g hopeful that this medication will trigger a period, I was at least hoping for the shorter dose of 5 days on med and 7 days off…but hey, what is an extra 12 days when you are becoming a professional waiter. I will diligently be taking my pills each day and counting down to March 10th to see where we will go next.


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