#21 A New Reality…

After having what felt like a pretty normal mid-cycle ultrasound on March 8th, I was scheduled to come back on Saturday the 11th to see if my follicles had grown the few extra millimeters that were needed in order to give me the trigger shot. I was feeling very excited for our follow-up ultrasound. With this appointment being on a Saturday, my husband was able to come along and get his first look at what this whole ultrasound thing was all about. I had him stand behind me to not make things unnecessarily uncomfortable for the both of us. Right when I saw the follicles on the screen, I knew this was not going to be a good appointment. They looked to be about the same size as they had been 3 days prior. My initial thought was that we would just come back again in a couple of days and we would not have the same convenience of getting to do a weekend IUI. When the doctor requested that I get dressed and we come to the consultation room to talk about next steps, I knew things would not be good.
In addition to my follicles not increasing in size, my uterine lining had actually decreased in size. We looked at some trending charts from my past ultrasounds and this had kind of been a pattern of my body’s reaction the last couple of times, I just had not noticed. With these results, it was clear to my doctor that my body had become resistant to the medication route. We had a brief discussion about next options of either injectable hormones or IVF….yes he said it…IVF. And there was the welcome into our new reality, the route that I had feared so much, the three letters to tell me just how broken I really am.


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