#22 Cue the Ice Cream Fueled Google Searches

With an attempt to be comforted by heaping bowls of Cold Stone, we started our search for more information. We started with our clinics pricing booklet to get some estimate of what we would be looking at financially comparing the injectable hormones to IVF. Neither were pretty, but after seeing how expensive the injectable were and to know that our odds each cycle of getting pregnant were just going to be 20%, the idea of spending $6,500 a month did not sound like a wise investment. We started to really look into the option of IVF and the massive expense ahead of us.

In our searches, we found prices ranging from $17K a cycle to $25K. Those numbers seemed unreal. We started looking at other local medical facilities, as well as a clinic in Chicago that we thought we could somehow make work with the 2 hour drive. Even with all of the information that can be found online, we felt nothing but clueless and completely lost in knowing what was ahead of us.
We spent time looking into adoption and thought that could be our realistic option, but the average 2 year wait was just something I could not bare to make a reality. When we left the appointment on Saturday, we were scheduled for a follow-up appointment 10 days out. With how empty we were feeling, I called Monday to see if there were any earlier appointment times available. I was so relieved when I got a call back that we could come in the following day.


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