#23 Questions, Answers, and the Big Decision

Our appointment was so informative. I actually left the office feeling relieved and excited, which was certainly not what I expected given the sadness I had felt up until then. Along with many other details of how IVF works and why it would be our best next steps, we got a better understanding of what an IVF cycle really is. Learning that one cycle can actually consist of 3 transfer cycles if the “normal” amount of eggs are able to be harvested during the fresh cycle. This gave us so much hope to know that if we followed one of the package plans of 2 IVF cycles, we were actually getting 6 attempt that have a 45% chance at pregnancy each time. I felt like it could really happen, this could really be the way we finally get our baby.

Even with thinking we were getting some kind of “deal” with getting 6 transfer cycles for what I had pegged as the price of 2, it was still a LOT of money. Money that I am beyond grateful that we actually have available if we were to choose the IVF route. We would lose the level of financial comfort that we had gotten to in the past year and start to question every purchase we ever made, but at least we have the choice.

I was a much easier sell on this idea than my husband. I did not see it as something we had much of a choice on since a baby is the one thing that I want most in the world and if this would get one, I was in. After some of our most intense conversations and a lot of tears, we made the  “official” decision that we would move forward with a 2 cycle IVF bundle package that gave a 50% refund if we did not give birth to  a baby.
Although we had made our decision, there was still yet another wait to be had to get to the always needed CD 1. Since I do not get a period on my own, we would be back to waiting for CD 40 to then take 10 days of Provera to trigger a period to begin. With this, we are looking at a CD 1 around April 15th. This did time out somewhat conveniently as we had planned a spring break trip to Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico to hike our way through some National Parks. We had imagined this as a baby moon when we first booked it, but I guess it will be our IVF-moon and a last hoorah to our traveling while we build our savings back up.


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