#24 Waiting, Prepping, Prepping, Waiting

It has been a while since I have felt like I had anything worth posting. Since making our decision to move forward with IVF it has felt like we have done nothing but wait. As I mentioned in my last post, we had a spring break trip in April that helped distract us from the wait for yet another CD 1 to arrive. I actually got my period after the 10 days of Provera a couple days early, which left me at CD3 while we were in New Mexico. I had labs that needed to be done on day 3 in order to be approved for the IVF refund-bundle package. I was very thankful for the convenience of modern medical care and the ease of getting my lab orders faxed down to a clinic in New Mexico that happened to be a short walk from our friends’ house that we were visiting.
With my labs done while we were on our trip, I was able to start my “prep cycle” of birth control right after we returned home (4/18). I was sent a high level outline of potential timelines from the nurse I spoke with when I called to get my birth control order taken care of. I was disappointed to find out that I would be taking 28 days of pills and not the 21 days that I had originally written down. It is amazing how much frustration it creates to even have 7 extra days tacked onto the process.

Here is what was outlined for me of what my prep and stimulation cycle timelines would look like:

  • Birth Control: 4/18 through 5/14
  • Possible CD 1: 5/17
  • Baseline U/S: 5/19
  • F/U Ultrasounds: 5/22, 5/24, 5/26, 5/28
  • Possible Harvest Procedure: 5/30 +- 3 days
  • Day 3 Embryo Transfer: 6/2
  • OR
  • Day 5 Embryo Transfer: 6/4
  • Pregnancy Test: 6/13

With this tentative timeline, we were also given a bit of homework to get ourselves even more prepared. This included doing an online IVF Class, reading up on the medications that I would be taking, and attending an injection training class.

The IVF Class was an online powerpoint that was a good summary of what the process looked like. We just did this class last night and I found it pretty cool to see some of the microscopic videos they had of the ICSI process and the growth of embryos. Once slide that I read that put a halt to my excitement was the one outlining the timeline of a frozen IVF cycle….there is a prep cycle for this too!!!! Aka waiting, waiting, waiting. I am not letting myself be optimistic enough to think we are going to get pregnant on the first cycle. I of course have hope, but am setting my sights on cycle 2. Yet cycle 2 just went from being a possible July/August pregnancy to August/September. Wasn’t I just complaining about days….now months…

Time is such a touchy thing to me ever since we started dealing with infertility. Each day that passes is another day more pregnant that yet another friends is. Each month is another month older that our friends’ and families’ kids are that were pegged to be our kid’s best friends. It just pulls further from the reality that we thought would have happened by now and that family filled life we are ready to be living!

Now for reading up on the injection medications….eshhh…these came with videos. Videos that I plan to watch frequently over the next 2 weeks in hopes that I can watch a needle poke occur without looking away and feeling sick. At this point I am hoping for some super human strength to get me through these injections. How can I be so excited to start this needle poking, yet so terrified at the same time?! Let’s hope that the one on one injection training class that we have next week will give some good practice and help calm some fears.


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