#25 First Night of Shots!

For what felt like the first time in a long time, things are happening right on schedule! I got my period on Wednesday (5/17), just as predicted. Not that I didn’t send a MyChart message to the nurses on both Monday and Wednesday morning asking about the “contingency” plan of what would happen if I did not get my period as planned. I am so grateful for the ease of access to advice from the nurses, as their expertise and certainty helps to calm a lot of my nerves.

With my period coming on Wednesday, I was scheduled to come in on Friday (5/19) morning for my baseline ultrasound to hopefully get the okay to start injections! The appointment went great and my uterine lining was as thin as expected and it looked like I had 10-11 follicles on each ovary that would hopefully be maturing over the next week and a half. I was instructed to do a 150 Follistim injection and 75mg of Menopur for the first 3 days and came back in on Monday (5/22) to check on my progress. I had thought there would be 3 shots to start from what I read on other online blogs, so starting off with 2 seemed like a nice ease into the process 🙂

I left the doctor’s office very excited and just ready to go and really feeling like we were making progress! It seems like a strange thing to get excited for, but I had begun my countdown until 8:30pm when we would do the injections. We had to pick a time that we knew we would be home and awake over the next 10-15 days to keep consistent. I put up quite an unnecessary fight to go with 8pm since that half hour seemed like such an unneeded wait and I thought I could do the shots all on my own and did not need to wait for my husband to get home from his late work days. Good thing I lost that battle since I was completely unsuccessful with giving myself either injection.

We got to be thankful yet again for the ease of access to medical information as we watched step by step videos on how to prep and inject both medications before we did the process ourselves. Even after having an injection class in person the week prior, having these refreshers was very necessary. I was less afraid of the Follistim since this was a fancy little pen that had a built in dial to measure the correct dosage and a tiny little needle that I thought would be a piece of cake. When it came time to actually do the injection, I just couldn’t do it. I had about 6 different conversations with myself about how silly I was being and that it would not hurt a bit. I made my husband close the blinds, as they were my scapegoat to why I could not do the injection. I finally gave in to his pleads to do it for me while I looked away. The poke of the actual needle was painless, but I was surprised to find that the actual medication had a bit of sting as it went in. Everything I read said the Follistim was painless and the Menopur had a burn to it. If I was cringing for this one, what did that mean for the Menopur?!

The prepping of the Menopur was a bit more involved since Menopur is actual a powder medication that had to be dissolved with saline and loaded into a syringe. Once the syringe was ready to go, I had to attach my injection needle. I had 3 different sized needles sent from the pharmacy, but was not sure which one to use, so I looked for the smallest size. I only looked to the “G” number, assuming the smaller the gauge of the needle, the better. The prepped needle that I was holding looked nothing short of terrifying. It was at this point that I saw the second measurement on the needle bags….the length. I picked a 1.5” instead of the nice little 0.5”. Go me! We were too nervous to waste the medication that was already in the bigger needle, so we decided to just go with it. I did not even pretend to try to inject this one myself since I felt queasy just looking at it. We did ice my stomach on this one as I read advice online that this would help with the burning feeling. After too many minutes of pacing and my stomach thawing, it was go time and it actually went really well! I didn’t feel the needle a whole lot, but my husband did say it was really hard to get in since it was so big. Our optimistic outlook is that it should never feel worse than it did that first night!

Even though the process was by no means a smooth one, we felt pretty accomplished to have it done and are more prepared for the next nights ahead! I plan to ice for both injections and we will tag-team the injection process. I will “pinch the inch” to give the injection location and he will poke and inject while I trade in with the gauze after the needle comes out. We are about 4 hours away from tonight’s adventure and checking another 2 shots off the grand total of injections 🙂


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