#26 Day 4 of Stims and Monitoring Appt #1

Today was my first monitoring check. After days 2 and 3 of injections going much more smoothly than night one, I was anxious to see how things were progressing. Thank goodness for 7am appointments to get answers nice and early 🙂

My follicles checked out well with 6-7 on one side and 10-11 on the other. I seemed to have an average measurement around 8mm for the larger ones in the bunch. If I remember correctly from my pre-IVF cycles, there are still another 10-15mm left to grow from there. We are early in the stim phase, so that was all okay. I had my blood work done as well, which resulted in bumping up my Follistim dose a smidge to 200 units. Bad timing in the increase since my cartridge was running low and I needed to do an additional shot to get my full dose. But what’s another shot now that we are getting more used to things!


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