#27 More, More, and More Shots

The injections on Monday and Tuesday went fine, even with the bonus shot on Monday night. Even with using the full amount listed on the Follistim cartridge (600 units), we found that there was a pretty healthy reserve amount in the cartridge that we hoped to take advantage of. I had my second monitoring appointment on Wednesday and I looked to have 4-5 follicles on my left, with the larger measuring in at 12mm and 7-8 on my right ovary, measuring in a bit smaller at 10mm. We are hoping to get them measuring around 17mm before doing the trigger shot to release the eggs. Follicles typically grow 2mm a day, so all still seems to be on the right pace!

My Follistim and Menopur injections were prescribed to continue at 200 and 75 units and Ganirelix got to make its appearance at the injection party! I spoke with a nurse after my appointment to get an additional order for more Follistim put into the pharmacy since I would run out by our Thursday injections. It was a good discussion though since I learned the trick of how to use the overfill they put in the Follistim cartridges. I learned that we can just dial the pen to my full dose of 200 units and inject the pen as far as it will push. It will stop at the measurement that still needs to be given and a new cartridge can be put in to finish off the dose. Getting to use this extra medication aka liquid gold was well worth the additional poke!

Wednesday night’s injections were probably our worst yet 😦 It was a 4 shot night and I have been running out of real estate on my abdomen. I have a few bruised areas from hitting blood vessels that we try to avoid. We attempted to go on the lower side of my belly button and I found that to hurt significantly worse than the other locations. Adding the Ganirelix caused a lot of anxiety for me. Just having another medication to learn the ins and outs of did not have me feeling confident. There was also an air bubble looking gap at the top of the syringe. Every time I tried to move it to the top, more medication would come out of the needle, so we just went ahead and injected. I of course googled “embolism” after the fact to see what kind of damage we may have done. It is now 2 days later and I am fine, so we can probably say we are in the clear! The needles on the pre-filled syringes are also much duller than what we had been using so the actual in and out of the injection did not go super great.

After a bad round of injections, I was ready to see some improvement. I came in with a different mindset on Thursday night and we flew through them all pretty pain free. This was such a relief after all of the tears and snappy comments on Wednesday night.


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