#29 See ya Later Stims!!

I am writing this post as we have just officially finished with our stim cycle injections!!! Friday and Saturday injections went well again. We even were so bold as to bring our injection setup over to our friends’ house on Saturday night to not have to miss out on time with friends. I was very hesitant at first, but warmed up to the idea realizing we have very supportive friends and what is the difference between their kitchen counter and ours.

Since we finished our shots tonight, that means our Sunday morning appointment went as hoped! There were some nice sized follicles up on the ultrasound screen. We had a 20, some 18’s, and 16’s in our mix of 10 good looking follicles. This meant we were a go for a Tuesday egg retrieval. It was a good day to have my husband in the room since I needed a celebratory high five 🙂

We meet with a nurse to go over all of the details for our super shot day/night ahead. First up was Ganirelix, which we needed to do as soon as we got home from our appointment. Then Follistim and Menopur as usual at 8:30pm. The new and extra important ones were the HcG trigger and Lupron trigger shots to be done at exactly 10:45pm, which is 36 hours prior to our 8:45am egg retrieval on Tuesday.

After our 8:30 shots, which again, we nailed….I made myself a cup of coffee, queued up Teen Mom (the irony of this is totally hitting me now), and chopped some veggies for weekday meal prep. And just like that…10:40 was upon us and I started icing my belly up for the final 2 shots. It is pretty impressive how far we have come with these. We got our system in place for the actual injection process and I even watched the injections occur instead of fearfully looking away like I did for the first 20-some. But, even with our progress, that does not mean I will be missing it with our off-day tomorrow 🙂

Now on to thinking good thoughts for the egg retrieval procedure and hoping for some fantastic fertilization results on Wednesday!!

Final pic of my belly all bandaged up! The band-aids hide the few bruises well 🙂

Displaying Belly.jpg



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