#30 Egg Retrieval Day!!

The excitement of this day definitely masked some of the fears I probably should or could have been having over this procedure. I went in just ready to go and did not have a lot of hesitations. We were brought back to the recovery room to start where I changed into my fancy hospital gown and had my vitals taken. I was given a briefing of the procedure and what to expect to feel like afterwards. Apparently the normal pain scale level when women get out of the procedure is a 6/10. This had me a bit worried since I do not have a high pain tolerance and had kind of forgotten about the fact that I might not be feeling myself coming out of the procedure. But what was I going to do at this point.

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The nurse took me back to the retrieval room to meet with the anesthesiologist and guided my husband to his room. The meeting with the anesthesiologist was also very intimidating as well. I understand the need to talk through the risks and resuscitation plans, but this had me pretty panicked. The idea of a needle going into my hand vein has also been a very squirmish concept to me, so there was a lot of nervous feet tapping happening by me. In hindsight of it all, the nurse and anesthesiologist did a very good job trying to distract me and keeping me in the know with each step. I had no recollection of the actual procedure and woke up with pretty limited cramping about 20 minutes after it was all done.

We were able to retrieve 10 eggs!! This was the realistic goal number for the last couple of visits, so we were happy with it. We also found out that my husband gave a great sperm sample that was very concentrated, so that is more good news to hopefully lead to some good fertilization results tomorrow!!

Overall the rest of the day of recovery went well! I had a nice long nap and was treated to Arby’s and ice cream, which were a delicious “medication” 🙂 And puppy cuddles didn’t hurt either.

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