#31 From Ten to Two…

Today we got the fertilization report. I was shocked to hear that of the 10 eggs retrieved, only 3 of them were mature and only 2 had fertilized to become embryos. This is not quite the result we were hoping for or even slightly expecting. With these results, we were scheduled for a Day 3 transfer and were given the choice between 1 and 2 embryos to transfer.

We had thought since our initial consult that we would only be given the option to transfer 1 embryo at a time to reduce the risk of a multiple pregnancy and the higher risk. However, knowing we had this choice to make and also that it was with our only 2 embryos had us spinning. I currently have a list of questions our to my doctor to get a better gauge on their recommendation, why we would do a Day 3 transfer rather than a Day 5 transfer, and what may have caused the lack of mature eggs to have been in the retrieved bunch.

A lot of google searching throughout the day had us very back and forth. At this point though, we are leaning towards transferring 1 embryo on Friday and saving the other one if needed for a second transfer. The idea of jumping right back into a stim cycle if this time does not work is not enticing at all. We are also hoping that we can compile our odds by doing two separate transfers instead of putting all of our eggs…literally….in one basket.

In the end though, we will really be looking to our doctors for their recommendation, which we hope to get early, but will for sure get on Friday prior to the the transfer taking place. So much is dependent on how the embryos continue to grow over the next 2 days to really make that decision.

Along with the fertilization results, we also go the joy of starting nightly progesterone shots. This intra-muscular injection is a whole different feeling than the subcutaneous injections I had gotten somewhat used to. Nothing like a needle being darted right into your butt muscles to inject a thick oil based substance. All in all, it did not go too bad. My leg had a strange tingle cramp afterwards, but I have to assume that is due to the muscle connection. Having only one shot per day in this phase is much appreciated.

Here is to hoping that we still have 2 embryos remaining tomorrow when we get our fertilization report and that we make it to the Friday transfer.


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