#32 Transfer Day!

The two embryos held on strong until our transfer appointment on Friday. I had talked with one of our doctors on Thursday to see where their current recommendation was with how many embryos to transfer and if there was any benefit in waiting to do a Day 5 transfer. The doctor did recommend doing both embryos and told me that we did not push for a Day 5 transfer since we had so few embryos to work with. This was my guess at the reasoning, but I just could not get over my frustrated feeling that we did not have more embryos to try and go for Day 5 to have a stronger embryo to transfer. However, if we were doing a Day 5 transfer, they would have only recommended transferring 1 embryo, so that embryo is in me right now regardless. 

We took the doctor’s recommendation and transferred both embryos. It was a pretty interesting process how the procedure works. We went into the same procedure rooms that they use for the egg retrieval, which are significantly less intimidating without an anesthesiologist present. We got to see our embryos up on a TV screen and got a description of their growth from the embryologist. We had an “A” embryo and a “B-” one. The “A” had a symmetrical 8 cells, as expected and the “B-” had 7 cells and less symmetry, but was still continuing to grow, so it was a viable embryo to implant.

Displaying IMG_9962.JPG

I was required to have a full bladder for this procedure to allow the ultrasound to have the best view and guide the catheter. This made for an extra impatient wait for the doctor to arrive. We had a unique delay in the whole process as a fire drill took place while we were in the waiting room and the entire building had to exit to the parking lot. This added some delays in getting everyone to their visits on time. I was anxiously awaiting the procedure starting so I could finally go to the bathroom!!

It was kind of exciting to finally have an ultrasound done on the outside of my belly to view my uterus. The catheter with the embryos was super soft, so I could not even feel what I watched on the screen. The two embryos in a little bubble of saline were quickly released in my uterus and we all sent good vibes that they (or at least one) would find a permanent home there. Shortly after this, I was able to go to the bathroom and discuss some post procedure topics.

There were not too many specific instructions. The number one point was to stay positive, which sounds easy enough, but we are finding it really hard not to just be “cautiously hopeful”. Being optimistic is scary. It opens the door for so much more potential hurt. Granted we will feel that disappointing hurt whether we were optimistic during this waiting period or not, but I am definitely afraid to actually be optimistic and truly believe it will work.

The next week and a half are essentially to be treated as if I a pregnant. My exercise should be minimal and low impact, which for me is a really big lifestyle change. It is gorgeous outside and prime running season! I de-stress through activity and love my daily workout schedule. Not that I would not give that all up for us to have a baby, but giving it up to maybe have a baby or maybe be crushed is a different deal.

Here we go with “patiently” waiting. Well, we can’t forget the highlight of every night that we get to enjoy….progesterone shots 😉


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